Sanwu TDA7492P + CSR8635 Bluetooth 4.0 Mod
이런걸 샀는데 화이트 노이즈가 너무너무너무 심하다….
정지나 일시정지엔 괜찮은데 조용한 부분에서 화이트 노이즈가 심한데 그걸 또 앰프가 증폭…

찾아보니 이런게 있다

Sanwu TDA7492P + CSR8635 Bluetooth 4.0


아직 시도는 안해봤는데  가운데있는 NE5532 amp는 왜있는지 모르겠다….

3 thoughts on “Sanwu TDA7492P + CSR8635 Bluetooth 4.0 Mod”

  1. The 5532 is for (unnecessary) differential-single-ended conversion. They use it because of the additional (switched) 3.5mm jack. Otherwise they can’t switch between both sources. If you mod the board like this, you’ll loose the wired line-in.

    1. I read the datasheet but I couldn’t find that functiton. I might be an idiot. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting precious information.
      My board doesn’t have the Line-In function, Therefore I think these parts are not necessary.
      I haven’t tried yet due to lack of free time, However I will do it soon and upload some pictures.

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