job seeking

If you are interested in my career, please email me. ( )

I am 29 years old, living in Seongnam, Korea, interested in H/W reverse engineering.
Also I have four years of working experience in related filed.
I have dealt with a lot of embedded devices such as wireless routers, backbone routers, many kind of printers, PLCs, wireless keyboards, smart phones, set-top boxses and so on.
If you have further questions regarding my experience, please let me know.

-Experience with programming, including Ruby, Python, C, C++, and Assembly

-Experience with performing reverse engineering and vulnerability analysis of software binaries using IDA Pro or equivalent software and performing dynamic analysis of software binaries using OllyDbg, WINDbg, OpenOCD, Trace32

-Experience with developing software systems in assembly, C, C++ and low-level proprietary languages on Windows, Linux, VxWorks

-Ability to read or write assembly languages, such as x86, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC

-Ability to develop custom software and hardware tools to assist in performing reverse engineering and vulnerability analysis

-Experience with analyzing malware

-Experience with reverse engineering Windows binaries

-Experience with reverse engineering embedded firmware

-Experience with reverse engineering Android applications

-Experience with working in virtualized environments

-Experience with kernel-level development

-Experience with Windows or Linux driver development

-Experience with analyzing network protocols

-Experience with In-Circuit-Debuggers/Emulators, Logic Analyzers, Oscilloscopes.

-Knowledge of cryptography

-BS degree in CS