Olly Debugger Hot Key

Ctrl+F2 프로그램 재실행
Alt+F2 프로그램 닫기
F3 새 프로그램 열기
F5 활성화 되어 있는 윈도우 최대화, 혹은 원복
Alt+F5 olly 디버거 윈도우를 항상 위로
F7 Step into (함수 진입)
Ctrl+F7 Animate into (entering functions)
F8 Step over (executing function calls at once)
Ctrl+F8 Animate over (executing function calls at once)
F9 실행
Shift+F9 Pass exception to standard handler and run
Ctrl+F9 Execute till return
Alt+F9 Execute till user code
Ctrl+F11 Trace into
F12 Pause
Ctrl+F12 Trace over
Alt+B Open Breakpoints window
Alt+C Open CPU window
Alt+E Open Modules window
Alt+L Open Log window
Alt+M Open Memory window
Alt+O Open Options dialog
Ctrl+T Set condition to pause Run trace
Alt+X CloseOllyDbg
F2 Toggle breakpoint
Shift+F2 Set conditional breakpoint
F4 Run to selection
Alt+F7 Go to previous reference
Alt+F8 Go to next reference
Ctrl+A Analyse code
Ctrl+B Start binary search
Ctrl+C Copy selection to clipboard
Ctrl+E Edit selection in binary format
Ctrl+F Search for a command
Ctrl+G Follow expression
Ctrl+J Show list of jumps to selected line
Ctrl+K View call tree
Ctrl+L Repeat last search
Ctrl+N Open list of labels (names)
Ctrl+O Scan object files
Ctrl+R Find references to selected command
Ctrl+S Search for a sequence of commands
Asterisk (*) Origin
Enter Follow jump or call
Plus (+) Go to next location/next run trace item
Minus (-) Go to previous location/previous run trace item
Space ( ) Assemble
Colon (:) Add label
Semicolon (;) Add comment
ctrl+위, 아래 화살표키 디스어셈블 위치 지정

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